I enjoy learning new projects and coming up with my own designs or twist on things.
I have a teenage daughter that loves crazy fun fashions, which keeps me busy
thinking of new things for her to accessorize with and keep up on the latest trends. But I have boys who want guy stuff, cool stuff created for them too...LOL. So I aim for a wide variety too offer :)

My favorite things to work with is Paper, Vinyl, Glass and Paper. It is amazing what can be created and how much fun it is to make new things. I just tend to get into many different projects all at once ;)

My husband jokes with me when I work on projects that I make a bigger mess than the kids do. I just say, it is me spreading my creativity :) Lets face it. Creativity can't be contained !!

Cards, Cupcake Toppers, Jewelry, Handmade Gifts and Much More